Network Box USA teams up with 6fusion

In a move to offer the ultimate in cloud-based Internet security, Network Box USA, the American arm of worldwide MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) Network Box Corp., has joined forces with 6fusion, an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) company whose customers are mainly information technology and telecommunications service providers.

Network Box USA’s managed security services, in conjunction with 6fusion’s UC6 IaaS platform, will provide cloud-based firewall, intrusion detection and prevention (IDPS), and virtual private networking (VPN) services – without customers having to invest in data-centre hardware or security management.

Among cloud-computing security solutions, Network Box’s is the only one that is managed, which means that customers do not have to spend time and resources configuring, managing and monitoring their security. Network Box managed services and award-winning unified threat management (UTM) appliance – which includes anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-phishing, anti-spyware and content filtering, in addition to firewall, IDPS and VPN – provide cloud-computing gateway security with greater efficiency, simplicity and price/performance compared to traditional solutions.

“This is a true virtual solution,” said Pierluigi Stella, CTO of Network Box USA. “Essentially, Network Box software runs on a virtual server in the cloud, and our network operation centre can monitor and manage it, just as we do with our actual UTM boxes; all traffic runs through it so we can filter it and protect our customers’ cloud servers.”

The Network Box HQ Security Operations Center is ISO 27001 certified, and the Network Box USA operation is SAS 70 certified. Moreover, all client systems are covered by a separate, secure in-the-cloud real-time management system, which also includes a free Apple iPhone and iPad HD application for monitoring and managing protected systems from almost anywhere.

The Network Box solution has been tested and granted 6fusion Certified status. This means that the software has been tested for cloud compatibility, that the 6fusion technical team has been trained to support and deploy it, and that it has been packaged and is available from within the UC6 cloud management platform. This ensures that 6fusion solution providers can now, simply and easily, take advantage of the Network Box solution to protect their customers’ data in the 6fusion cloud.

“In today’s Internet-connected world, every organisation needs extra protection,” said Rob Bissett, 6fusion’s vice president of product management. “Attacks and intrusions are ongoing, 24 hours a day, all year round. As they move their customers to the cloud, service providers need to ensure they give them the same, or higher, levels of protection they give their physical networks. The certification of the Network Box solution makes them more efficient and effective, while reducing deployment time, management effort, and expenditure for the customer.”

About Network Box USA
Network Box USA, Inc., the American arm of Network Box Corp., was formed in response to the escalating danger posed by security breaches, virus attacks and similar threats arising from widespread use of the Internet. Network Box’s managed security services use a global network of state-of-the-art security operations centres to monitor, update, and manage protected client gateways in real time. Every Network Box system around the world also utilises Network Box’s multi-award-winning PUSH update technology, which offers the fastest security update service available. Updates are pushed out within an average of just 45 seconds from the time any new malware signature, software update, or security patch becomes available. By providing monitoring, updates, and management around the clock, Network Box gives its clients – many of the world’s leading companies, organisations, and government departments – the technological and logistical edge they need to stay one step ahead.

About 6fusion
6fusion’s UC6 infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform is designed to allow service providers to offer cloud computing risk free. 6fusion makes it possible for its customers to instantly provision and deploy a cloud-based computing infrastructure as part of their service offerings. UC6 provides an end-to-end cloud-management platform for public, private and hybrid clouds. Users can choose the data centre that houses their workloads, overcoming many of the concerns about using the cloud. That means customers can deploy any number of applications in any way they or their own customers choose. The biggest differentiator is 6fusion’s unique metering algorithm – the Workload Allocation Cube (WAC) – which turns the cloud into a pay-per-use billable utility. Similar to paying for electricity by the kilowatt, the WAC ensures customers pay only for what they actually use and provides valuable insight into consumption and cost performance.

Atlantic.Net Adds cPanel/WHM on Cloud Platform

Web hosting provider Atlantic.Net yesterday announced that it has enhanced its cloud computing offerings by offering cPanel/WHM on its cloud and hosting platform.

“We’re excited to continue to expand our cloud computing offerings,” Josh Simon, director of data center services for Atlantic.Net said in a statement. “Combining our cloud servers with cPanel/WHM truly simplifies the management of standalone servers, allowing Web hosting resellers and Webmasters across the globe to focus more time on their core business and less time managing their infrastructure.”

Atlantic.Net says that with cPanel/WHM, it will improve security, flexibility and speed of its platform. It also provides customers with an efficient, cost-effective solution that helps businesses manage their hosting and cloud computing needs.

“We recognize this is a great opportunity to work with an established and savvy technology company like Atlantic.Net,” said Aaron Phillips, vice president of operations at cPanel. “cPanel/WHM has gained major market share on cloud computing platforms because of its speed, ease of deployment and security options. We look forward to delivering Web hosting automation to Atlantic.Net’s cloud computing platform.”

Atlantic.Net is offering its customers a free trial of CPanel/WHM with free setup on its website.

Rackspace Hosting Announces New CloudU Program and Webinar Series

Free classes on cloud computing technology and business benefits

Rackspace Hosting, a leading specialist in the hosting and cloud computing industry today announced its new CloudU Program and webinar series.

CloudU is a cloud computing curriculum designed for technologists and non-technical users alike. The program’s goal is to build widespread knowledge about the cloud revolution and encourage discussion about the cloud’s benefits for businesses of all sizes.

Panelists for the first webinar, Revolution Not Evolution: How Cloud Computing Differs from Traditional IT and Why it Matters, will include John Engates, CTO, Rackspace, Ben Kepes, cloud computing analyst, Diversity Limited and Charles Babcock, editor-at-large, InformationWeek.

Three-hundred people who register to receive more information about CloudU will receive a free copy of Charlie’s book, “Management Strategies for the Cloud Revolution: How Cloud Computing Is Transforming Business and Why You Can’t Afford to Be Left Behind.”*

Other monthly whitepapers and webinar topics will include:

  • Cloudonomics: The Economics of Cloud Computing
  • Understanding the Cloud Stack: SaaS, PaaS and IaaS
  • Say Goodbye to DIY Data Centers: An Infrastructure-as-a-Service Intensive
  • Elephant in the Room: Cloud Security and What Vendors and Customers Need To Do To Stay Secure
  • Planning a Move to the Cloud: Tips, Tricks and Pitfalls
  • Running a Business on the Cloud: Management Strategies for the New IT
  • Creative Configurations: Mixing and Matching Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds for Maximum benefits
  • Does Data Want to be Free? Exploring Issues in the Open Cloud from Vendor Lock-in to Open Standards
  • You Want to Put My Database Where?: Determining the Right Fit Between Your Technology and Cloud, and When It Makes Sense to Stay In-House
  • iTunes meets Big Business: The Rise of Software-as-a-Service Marketplaces and How to Leverage Them for Your Business
  • A Future in the Clouds?: Predicting the Landscape in 3 Years’ Time


The first webinar, Revolution Not Evolution: How Cloud Computing Differs from Traditional IT and Why it Matters, will take place on Thursday, January 27 at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT.


To register please visit:

For more information on CloudU and a full schedule of upcoming whitepapers and webinars, please visit:

* For more information how you can receive a free copy of the book visit

For more information about Rackspace and the company’s suite of products, visit:

Next Generation Cloud Hosting Service Launched

Leading VMware hosting provider StratoGen today announced the launch of a new generation of cloud hosting service based on VMware vCloud Director.  SHARP™ empowers users to create entire virtual datacentres in the cloud complete with firewalls, networks and virtual machines from a simple web based portal.

Karl Robinson, Managing Director said “This is a stunning new service that turns the cloud hosting market upside down. Whilst first generation cloud hosting services have enabled users to build and configure simple virtual machines, the StratoGen SHARP™ platform hands the full power of our cloud infrastructure over to the user in the form of a virtual datacentre. Within their datacentre customers can build routed networks, deploy and configure firewalls with NAT and DHCP, build vApps and of course deploy highly resilient virtual machines on the VMware hypervisor.”

StratoGen are the first major hosting provider to offer services based on VMware vCloud Director.

David Elliott, Technical Director commented “As a VMware partner, StratoGen were lucky enough to be part of the vCloud Director beta program so we have been working with this software for many months. After our own extensive testing program, we have been hugely impressed with the reliability and sheer power of the product. Advanced features include the ability to create VPNs and load balancing solutions using vShield, which you simply can’t do with any other cloud hosting solution.”

Virtual machines built on the platform can scale to 8 CPUs with 96GB RAM and run virtually any operating system. In addition, pre-built virtual appliances from the VMware virtual appliance marketplace are supported.

The StratoGen service also includes the ability to import virtual machines from existing VMware environments, allowing for a seamless migration from private clouds or other hosting services.

For further information on VMware hosting from StratoGen visit

To mark its launch, StratoGen are offering a free 15 day trial of the service.

StratoGen is a leading VMware hosting company with a worldwide client base and award winning cloud platform. StratoGen hosted VMware products include a 100% uptime service level guarantee.

Imperva Announces PartnerSphere Technology Alliance

Imperva, the leader in data security, today announced the new PartnerSphere Technology Alliance, a technology ecosystem dedicated to data security and compliance. The PartnerSphere Technology Alliance offers organisations an end-to-end blueprint for data security, providing best-of-breed products that complement and extend Imperva SecureSphere Web Application, Database, and File Security Solutions.

“Our partner ecosystem is growing rapidly as the demand for a data security strategy increases,” said Imperva VP of Business Development, Farzad Tari. “Our program recognises the reality of today’s IT security landscape by partnering with leading technology providers in a formal, cohesive fashion, creating a partner ecosystem to protect structured and unstructured data.”

Imperva has partnered with industry-leading vendors in several categories including Vulnerability Assessment, SIEM, Business Software, Platform, Application Delivery, Identity Management, and Masking and Encryption. Together, Imperva and its technology partners offer fully complete solutions that address organisations’ top data security challenges.

With the creation of the PartnerSphere Technology Alliance, Imperva also announces two new partnerships with WhiteHat Security and NetOptics:

Imperva WAF Quick Start Program including WhiteHat Sentinel Website Vulnerability Management:

Imperva and WhiteHat Security have joined forces to offer a closed-loop process to identify and mitigate website vulnerabilities. Beginning today, Imperva’s Web Application Firewall Quick Start Program, a packaged professional services engagement for initial product installation and configuration, will include one WhiteHat Sentinel vulnerability assessment. As part of the Quick Start Program, WhiteHat Sentinel will conduct a website vulnerability assessment. All results are verified for accuracy, eliminating false positives. Then an Imperva professional services consultant will import the verified WhiteHat assessment results into SecureSphere Web Application Firewalls to instantly remediate discovered vulnerabilities.

The Quick Start Program now allows customers to leverage the full benefits of the Imperva SecureSphere and WhiteHat Sentinel integration. Customers can immediately mitigate Web application vulnerabilities, eliminating the window of exposure inherent with manual remediation. Virtual patching also allows customers to design and implement code fixes on their schedule, avoiding emergency fix and test cycles.

“The combined Imperva and WhiteHat solution effectively detects vulnerabilities and protects against website attacks. This integration provides a complete and automated way for organisations to simplify the management of the Web application security lifecycle,” said Bill Pennington, Chief Strategy Officer, WhiteHat Security. “WhiteHat Sentinel delivers ongoing accurate website vulnerability data that enables Imperva SecureSphere customers to deploy virtual patching with confidence. Organisations can design and implement application code fixes on their schedule, without rushing to fix and test patches, eliminating disruption in their development cycle. This allows businesses to freedom to decide how and when to mitigate web application security vulnerabilities in production.”

Partnership with Net Optics provides unparalleled performance, visibility, and scalability to protect network and web applications in the demanding 10G environment:

Net Optics brings to the partnership a record of proven leadership in intelligent monitoring access by providing a fault tolerant architecture with high-speed intelligent load balancing. The company’s growing suite of innovative solutions enables customers to meet the challenge of monitoring, troubleshooting, and securing high volumes of network traffic, bandwidth-intensive applications, and cloud deployments. SecureSphere Stack, powered by Net Optics, provides a scalable, high-performance data security solution for up to 10Gbps of network traffic.

The new offering will employ the unique capabilities of Net Optics Director Pro Data Monitoring Platform to control, filter, and dynamically load balance traffic sent to monitoring appliances. Engineered for extremely high, business-critical traffic levels, Director Pro enables deep packet exploration at full 10Gbps wire speed and provides 24/7 passive network access without introducing a point of failure. The robust Director Pro works in conjunction with up to five SecureSphere X6500 appliances to maximise Web, Database, and File Security for the most demanding applications without affecting performance and availability. Director Pro not only reduces the complexity of managing an integrated network fabric, it streamlines scaling within the customer deployment and contributes the key capability of connecting inline to a 10G network.

“Imperva’s selection of Net Optics will help customers overcome their toughest monitoring challenges in an ultra-high performance environment where security is critical,” said Bob Shaw, CEO, Net Optics. “The Imperva-Net Optics 10G solution will enable high availability, cost-effectiveness, and the enhanced security that’s vital to any organisation and cloud service provider.”

Imperva is a global leader in data security. With more than 1,300 direct customers and 25,000 cloud customers, Imperva’s customers include leading enterprises, government organisations, and managed service providers who rely on Imperva to prevent sensitive data theft from hackers and insiders. For more information, visit

Offshore VPS Hosting Packages Offer Scalable Cloud Infrastructure, a leading provider of offshore hosting, has added VMware virtualisation solutions to its suite of offshore VPS hosting services. The cutting-edge VPS hosting packages offer advanced server virtualisation, replication, and scalable cloud solutions.

“We have upgraded our shared web hosting and VPS hosting packages to use the VMware virtualisation platform. This allows us to offer new services to customers such as advanced server virtualisation, replication, and scalable cloud solutions. VMware is the global leader in virtualisation and cloud infrastructure,” said Richard Douglas, founder and CTO of’s offshore VPS hosting plans provide a cost effective solution for customers that need many of the features of a dedicated server. Each of the company’s virtual private server hosting plans offer the following benefits:

  • 64bit Systems with RAID Hard Disks
  • Enterprise Class Firewall/IDS Service
  • Guaranteed 99% uptime
  • Linux CentOS Operating System
  • Cpanel+WHM or Plesk
  • 24/7 Access to Live Linux Support Specialists
  • Fully Redundant Fiber Network
  • Root SSH Access
  • No Setup Fees
  • SSL Support

In addition to offshore dedicated servers, offshore web hosting, and offshore VPS hosting, offers leading edge solutions for private voicemail and fax mailboxes, offshore merchant accounts, as well as offshore colocation at prices below standard stateside rates.

“It just makes sense… even though we’re an offshore hosting company our clients still get cutting edge technology at prices below what they would pay a state-side company running average or below average equipment. And offshore hosting is just as reliable as state-side hosting,” said Douglas.

Pricing and a side-by-side spec comparison of’s offshore VPS hosting packages is available online at:

Since 2001, has been the leading provider of offshore hosting services including dedicated servers, offshore VPS hosting and offshore merchant accounts. offers a variety of offshore web hosting and offshore dedicated server packages from its 2,200 square foot data center located in Nassau, Bahamas that is monitored and protected 24/7 with the latest in network monitoring and security technologies including access cards, biometrics and 24/7 video recording.

cloudControl selects New Relic RPM as Web App Management Tool

New Relic, Inc., a leading software-as-a-service provider of application performance management (APM) solutions, and cloudControl, a leading cloud hosting platform for PHP web applications (and contributor to this blog), today announced that cloudControl is providing the proven application monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities of New Relic RPM Bronze to all cloudControl customers at no cost. Additionally, cloudControl customers are eligible for discounts on upgrades to RPM Silver and Gold premium subscriptions at preferential prices in cloudControl’s Add-on Marketplace.

“As organisations continue to rely on cloudControl as a trusted platform for deploying business-critical web applications, it’s important that we provide them with the very best resources to help them be successful,” said Philipp Strube, co-founder of cloudControl. “Partnering with New Relic to enable application monitoring and troubleshooting will make it easier for our customers to deploy, maintain, and ensure superior-performing web applications.”

cloudControl’s PHP Platform as a Service solution helps developers to focus on the important part of their work – developing exciting web applications. Developers can easily deploy PHP apps on cloudControl’s platform without having to administer the underlying hardware. By partnering with New Relic, cloudControl will enable its customers to not only develop and host web applications in a high performance and scalable managed environment, but also to monitor and improve application performance.

“New Relic and cloudControl share a common philosophy that the very best solutions for deploying and maintaining web applications in the cloud should be fast, easy and reliable,” said Bill Lapcevic, New Relic’s vice president of business development. “By offering effective SaaS-based production application monitoring as part of their proven deployment platform, cloudControl is providing tremendous benefits for organisations that want manageability for the cloud while eliminating administration overhead.”

The New Relic RPM Bronze Add-on is available to cloudControl customers at no cost in the Add-on marketplace, which offers additional resources for customers wishing to scale and optimise applications deployed on cloudControl. Developers can get started right away by selecting the New Relic add-on and deploying it on one of cloudControl’s free developer accounts.

About cloudControl
Based in Potsdam, cloudControl is a leading provider of cloud hosting services for deploying PHP web apps. Their highly optimised and reliable stack harnesses the scalability of Amazon EC2. CloudControl’s solution is fully managed, completely eliminating administration hassles. And because it’s pay as you go, customers can scale up and down at any time and only pay for the services they use. Additionally, cloudControl offers their Add-on Marketplace, where customers can obtain complementary solutions for scaling and optimising their apps. Among others, these include MySQL, Memcached, MongoDB and New Relic RPM.

About New Relic
New Relic, Inc. is the leading software-as-a-service provider of application performance management solutions that enable developers and operations teams to quickly and cost effectively monitor, troubleshoot, and tune application performance in real time. More than 6,500 organisations use New Relic RPM to monitor and optimise more than 110,000 production application instances, including customers 37signals, AT&T Interactive, Atlassian, Gilt Groupe, Groupon, IGN, Intuit, REA Group, Sears, Shopify, Shutterfly, and Simon and Schuster. New Relic also partners with leading cloud management, platform and hosting vendors including Amazon AWS, Blue Box Group, Brightbox, cloudControl, Engine Yard, Eucalyptus, GigaSpaces, GoGrid, Grid Gain, Heroku, Joyent, Microsoft Windows Azure Platform, Morphlabs, Network Redux, PHP Fog, Red Hat, RightScale, SpeedyRails, Stax Networks and VMware.

NetHosting looking for beta testers for 3rd Generation Cloud Server

NetHosting, a dedicated and managed hosting leader, today announced the release of its third generation cloud server product. Innovative and pioneering web adopters and testers are invited to experiment with the newly released cloud server for a free, no-obligation six-month beta test.

NetHosting CEO and founder, Lane Livingston, stated, “As we enter the beta phase of our cloud server product, it is important for us to see our virtual environment in action. We’re extending this limited offer to experienced testers and web developers who want to take advantage of the cloud’s remarkable capabilities and put NetHosting’s cloud to the test.”

Through NetHosting’s recent partnership with Dell, the hosting provider has engineered an exceptional platform for its cloud offering, utilising the very latest in Dell technology to maximise on efficiency and performance. NetHosting has also engaged with Advanced Systems Group to realise break-through scalability solutions with Isilon’s scale-out storage product to create the optimum cloud hosting environment.

“In establishing the foundation for our new cloud service, we’ve been extremely selective in our choice of partners and providers,” remarked Mr. Livingston. “There’s a perfectionist in all of us here at NetHosting. That’s just part of who we are as Dedicated Experts. We know that our cloud server product is the best possible solution for enterprise scalability and efficiency and we’re excited for our testers as well as our customers to experience it.”

Testers are invited to sign up at for NetHosting’s no cost, zero-obligation beta test of its third generation cloud server product.

NetHosting has delivered custom hosting solutions for nearly fifteen years. Serving enterprises of every size, its products include a broad range of cloud hosting and storage options as well as dedicated, managed, and virtual hosting services.

Online Tech Clocks Another Record Year of High-Growth Success

Riding on the success of their private cloud product launch last year, Online Tech is reporting a 33% increase in year-over-year revenue. Enthusiastic about the state of the data centre market, the company plans to expand their private cloud offering in 2011.

2010 was a year of progress and upgrades for Online Tech as they made significant investments in their data centre infrastructure, customer portal, and product offerings. 2010 infrastructure investments included upgraded energy efficient cooling systems, increased backup power capacity, and adding Qwest network connectivity to the data centres to improve the network resiliency.

Online Tech also completely redesigned and upgraded their customer portal in 2010. Called OTPortal, it provides their hosting clients greater visibility and control over every device in their data centres. OTPortal’s feature-rich dashboard delivers self-service, on-demand access to server monitoring, management and 24×7 customer support.

“These investments in our business have put us in a great position to compete and thrive in 2011. We intend to continue to reinvest in our data centres this year and expand our growing product line,” said Yan Ness, CEO of Online Tech.

The company’s growth in 2010 was in part due to their launch of its private cloud hosting product line. Online Tech’s Private Cloud was launched in late 2010. The secure private cloud meets PCI, SOX, and HIPAA compliance requirements that can’t be met with public cloud hosting.

“The launch of OT Private Cloud has brought us business that we might not otherwise have seen. The power of virtualisation combined with the reliability and security of the private cloud seems to be an unbeatable combination for mid-size businesses concerned about data security,” said Mike Klein, COO and President of Online Tech.

Online Tech expects to expand upon that success with additional cloud offerings to be announced later in the first quarter of 2011.

Online Tech is a premier managed data centre provider offering managed dedicated servers, private cloud hosting, and IT disaster recovery.

PacketExchange Launches New Cloud Network Solution

Network services provider PacketExchange launched its cloud computing networking solution network infrastructure as a service on Monday at the Pacific Telecommunications Council conference in Honolulu.

PacketExchange says its solution routes data traffic across its converged global private and public IP network infrastructure and is ideal for cloud-based applications.

The solution offers SaaS companies a secure and reliable way to access, distribute and share information.

“Our experience in providing private, custom data delivery solutions to businesses that rely on the cloud has allowed us to engineer network solutions that assure the quality of service these applications demand,” Grant Kirkwood, CTO of PacketExchange said in a statement. “With 100 percent SLA guarantees across our network, PacketExchange provides a reliable and robust infrastructure that offers the bandwidth flexibility needed to meet the dynamic needs of cloud-based data communications.”

According to PacketExchange, its solution is a scalable infrastructure enabling resources to be provisioned on-demand.
The company enables customers to choose the best available paths for data through private and public infrastructures.